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Download the latest Catalogue hereMethven, Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand.

Dixon Machinery and Dieseltech has been trading in Methven, Mid Canterbury since 1979. There are four main divisions within the company, Dixon Machinery, Dixon Dieseltech, Dixon Generators, and Dixon Hydraulics which deliver a wide range of products and services.

These include servicing and repair of farm machinery, hire equipment, hydraulic repairs, key agencies such as Husqvarna and Duncan drills, vehicle repairs and servicing and the supply of back up diesel generators for a range of uses and applications. View the new spring Husqvarna Catalogue here

Counting the Cost of Power Failures

Depending on the length of a power outage the accumulated losses to a dairy farmer can be substantial. Having a reliable and capable generator on standby is the best way to avoid having cows stuck on a milking platform which has lost power. When compared to the costs associated with cows that can’t be milked or milk that can’t be properly cooled, the initial outlay for a generator can save you time and money. Read More.

Dixon Generators - Brand New Range

Dixon Generator deliver a combination of solid reliability for kiwi conditions and great value for money. We've supplied this particular generator set for over eight years and stock a wide range spare parts for them. We can also build units to order with multiple engine choices available.




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