Counting the Cost Power Failure

Paul Dixon - Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Diary Farming - Key Facts

Statistics published by DairyNZ reveal that:

  • The average herd size in New Zealand was 386 in the year ending June 2011.
  • The average production per cow for a herd of this size in 2010/2011 was 337 kg milksolids per cow
  • Prices received for milksolids in 2010/2011 was 7.89 ($/Kg milksolids)
Some quick calculations reveal that the total losses incurred by an average size dairy farm over a 2 day power outage would most likely cover the cost of a permanent generator installation.

Depending on the length of a power outage the accumulated losses to a dairy farmer can be substantial. Having a reliable and capable generator on standby is the best way to avoid having cows stuck on a milking platform which has lost power. When compared to the costs associated with cows that can’t be milked or milk that can’t be properly cooled, the initial outlay for a generator can save you time and money.

The losses and consequential losses include:

  • Loss of daily yield
  • Additional labour costs associated with the clean up
  • Plant hire fees
  • Veterinary costs associated with treating illnesses such as mastitis
  • Loss of routine and lower yields during recovery
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